The most overlooked key point during optical fiber laser production - LDF fusion splicer

The most overlooked key point during optical fiber laser production - LDF fusion splicer

  • 2021-03-19

·         Fiber Laser refers to the element with rare earth doped glass Fiber as the gain medium of the Laser, Fiber Laser can be developed on the basis of the optical Fiber amplifier: within the optical Fiber under the action of the pump are high power density, causing the Laser level population inversion of Laser work material, when appropriate to join the positive feedback loop (a cavity) can form a Laser oscillation output


·         Applications:

·         Laser marking

·         Material processing

·         Microelectronic manufacture

·         Material warping

·         laser cutting

·         Fiber laser for all optical fiber structure, including the pump sources are used active fiber Bragg grating, and output the head, the pump sources are used used to provide a pump, active optical fiber is doped with rare earth elements in the optical fiber as the gain medium, grating refers to the fiber surface to produce specific groove structure, used to implement to choose different wavelengths of light propagation of optical fiber.

·         Existing technology, the method of making the fiber laser is ready to pump light source, and made ready in advance of active optical fiber grating and output port, and then connect the welding device and form the whole fiber laser.

·         However, for high power laser, the local temperature rise caused by the light leakage at the fusion point makes the failure of the fiber melt device prominent, which greatly affects the reliability of the whole laser system and the stability of the output power.

·         Therefore, we can see that in the production process of general fiber laser, the connection loss between the components directly affects the quality of the finished laser and the stability of the work. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a reliable equipment for fiber fusion.

Shiho S-27 LDF fiber fusion splicer has the best performance on 80um,125um,250um and 400um fiber splicing.And its LDF fiber cleaver could make a better end of LDF fibers to get a good splicing performance.

Shinho hope to find right business partner and help customers obtain higher value.

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