fiber fusion splicer

fiber fusion splicer

Sinho Fusion Splicer for telecommunication and specialty fibers in photonics industry

Sinho Fusion Splicer for telecommunication and specialty fibers in photonics industry

  • 2021-05-28

Fiber optic fusion splicer is mainly used for optical communication in the construction and maintenance of optical cable, so it is also called fiber fusion splicer general working principle is the use of high voltage arc to melt the two optical fiber section at the same time with a high precision movement mechanism gently advanced two optical fiber fusion into one, in order to achieve the coupling of fiber mode field

Normally fusion splicer generally refers to single fiber optical fiber fusion splicer, in addition to this, there are ribbon fiber ribbon fusion splicer, polarization-maintaining and large diameter fusion splicer.

According to the alignment in a different way, it can be divided into two categories: the cladding alignment fusion splicers(4 motors clad to clad)and core alignment(6 motors real-time core to core).Cladding alignment type is mainly suitable for FTTH, FTTx and other occasions with low requirements.So the price is relatively lower. Core alignment fusion splicer is equipped with precision six motors on the core mechanism of the special design of the optical lens and software algorithm which could identify the type of fiber  accurately and choose to match the fusion mode automatically. To ensure the quality of fusion and high technical content. So the price will be relatively high.

Chinese fusion splicers start for more than 20 years. Shinho fusion splicer has a long experience for R&D on latest fusion splicing technology. X series fusion splicers has been sold to serve so many global customers and gain so much high reputation.

Choose Shinho, means choose the future.

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