PM Serat Fusion Splicer

PM Serat Fusion Splicer

PM(Polarization-maintaining) fusion splicer in producing of Fiber Bragg Grating(FBG)

PM(Polarization-maintaining) fusion splicer in producing of Fiber Bragg Grating(FBG)

  • 2021-04-23

Fiber Bragg Grating(FBG)


Fiber Bragg Grating is a kind of diffractive grating formed by periodic axial modulation of the refractive index of optical fiber core in a certain way. It is a passive filter, because the grating fiber has the advantages of small volume, low fusion loss, and is fully compatible with the fiber can be embedded in smart materials, and its resonant wavelength is related to the temperature and strain refractive indexConcentration and other changes in the external environment are more sensitive, so it has been widely used in the field of optical fiber communication and sensingFiber Bragg grating is using the photosensitivity of optical fiber material, through uv light exposure method to write the incident light coherent field pattern into the fiber core, produce along the fiber in the fiber core and core axial refractive index changes periodically, so as to form a permanent space phase grating, its effect is essentially form a narrow band in the fiber core (transmission or reflection) filter or mirrorWhen a beam of broad spectrum light passes through the fiber Bragg grating, the wavelength satisfying the Bragg Bragg condition will be reflected, and the rest of the wavelength will continue to transmit through the fiber Bragg grating.

After an Fiber Bragg Grating was made, the performance doesnt depend on the techology of produciton,but also the performance of the connection of fiber. 

Shiho S-12PM fusion splicer kit help customer to find a best solution of fiber splicing during the last step.Always having a reliable splicing with low loss and good extinction ratio.

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