Core Alignment VS. Cladding Alignment

Core Alignment VS. Cladding Alignment

  • 2019-12-11

5G has lead to growth of economical and convenient fusion splicing systems for a wide range of deployments including access networks, FTTH, LAN , submarine installation etc.

Fusion splicing is the process by which two optical fibers are joined together to create one continuous optical path. Fibers are fused together by arcs. The goal is to fuse the two fibers together so accurately and securely that light may travel through the fibers without loss or with lowest loss. Before fusion splicing, we need to take off the coating , clean the bare fiber, then cleave the fiber.

To do fusion splicing, we need to use the equipment- fiber fusion splicer. Currently the fusion splicer fall into 2 categories according to alignment method. core alignment and cladding alignment.

Core alignment fusion splicer actually align the fiber's core , or center most silica where light actually travels along the fiber’s path. It is the most commonly used fusion splicing technology. Although it is more expensive and complex, but also more powerful and accurate, and less loss. Fibers are fixed in V-grooves and are adjusted horizontally, vertically and in/out to allow core-to-core alignment. SHINHO’s X-900 fiber fusion splicer is a real 6 motors with core to core alignment technology ,it has pre-focusing program during splicing, it could identify fiber type automatically.(see figure 1)

(Firgure1 .  SHINHO X-900 Splicing Process)

Cladding alignment fusion splicer only align the outer most silica of the fiber.It is a passive alignment that relies on the accurate pre-alignment of fiber V-grooves that grip the outer surface or cladding of the fiber. Fibers are located in the V-grooves, and are adjusted inwards and outwards. The advantage is low cost and fast, so it is still used on low-cost field. SHINHO’s X-86H fiber fusion splicer is a typical cladding alignment fusioner. It is less expensive but works well.

(Firgure 2 .  SHINHO X-86H Splicing Process)

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